What about insurance?

The customer is responsible for the insurance on the contents of the rented unit. Insurance information with an experienced self-storage insurer is available in the office, and at rental.

What about pests?

We have a professional pest control company in the facility monthly for treatment.

How do I use my gate code?

Put all 8 digits of your gate code into the keypad, then press the pound ‘#’ key. The gate will open. Some people have 9 digit codes, and all nine digits need to be entered. Press the buttons firmly, without beating on them. Sometimes folks get in a hurry, and may not press a button enough for it to register, which results in access being denied, so please take your time.

What are the gate hours? can we get in after hours?

Normal gate hours are 7 a.m., to 8 p.m., seven days a week. If you need after hour access, please call us during normal office hours. We can arrange access after 8 pm on case-by-case basis, for a limited time.