Five Tips for Packing Your Self-Storage Unit

You’ve rented your self-storage space, and it’s time to move your boxes and personal belongings into the self-storage unit. Before you start throwing old books and Christmas decorations into boxes, plan how you will pack the self-storage unit for easy access in the future.

1. Inventory

Before one box is stored in the storage unit, make an inventory list. Boxing a photo album without adding to the inventory list only creates havoc. After a big mess is made looking for it, there is the realization that the album is in the self-storage unit. Keep the list easy to find, so when it is time to find the fall wreath, you know it’s in the storage unit.

2. Label

When packing boxes, label the outside with specifics. Nothing is too specific, because when it comes time to find the box of books, you don’t want to be opening three boxes. We’ve all made the mistake of labeling 8 boxes, “Miscellaneous” or “Kitchen.” It is essential to be able to grab the box quickly.

3. Identify the most used items

You’re at the self-storage unit with the boxes specifically labeled. Now it’s time to just start moving them in, right? Wrong. Don’t put something in the back that you will need to access often. It is much easier to grab an item that is in the front of the unit because it was stored properly.

4. Make walkways

Even if you are putting items in the back of the unit that will not be used often, make a walkway to the back of the self-storage unit. This makes it easier to access all of the items. There is nothing worse than having to take out tons of boxes and furniture to try to get to that one box that is in the rear of the self-storage unit.

5. Stack

Get more out of your space in the self-storage unit by stacking boxes. Use 2 or 3 types of boxes, to simplify this process. If there are various shapes and sizes, it will be much harder to create a sturdy tower. The more boxes are stacked, the less space needed, and in turn, it saves money. Consider buying boxes from your self-storage provider, since they can assist in the planning process.

These are just five tips to make your self-storage unit a more organized place. Spending an entire Saturday opening all of your boxes to retrieve a pool toy is not a lot of fun!

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