Moving Supplies & Storing Supplies



We offer a variety of locks to keep your belongings secure including disc locks, laminated locks and combination locks. Locked out of your cubby? Ask about our lock cutting service.

Packing Box


Boxes are a fundamental part of moving and storage. We offer a wide range of sizes from small to extra-large. You don’t have to think outside the box to appreciate a one-stop shop.

Packing Crate

Specialty Boxes

Standard boxes are great for most household items. However, Cubby Hole understands that some valuables like fine china and mirrors require special care during a move.

Packing Tape


Moving and storage can be tough without the proper materials. We offer a variety of tapes to ensure your valuables are safe during a move, or dust free during storage.


Packing Materials

Packing materials hold everything together during a big move. From bubble wrap to braided twine and nylon rope, we provide everything you need to keep your valuables safe.


Bags & Covers

Mattresses and sofas are the most leisurely items in a home. With our bags and covers for sofas, beds, chairs and more, you will be able to relax knowing we’ve got you covered.